Legal Papers of John Adams, volume 1

Adams' Assignment of Errors

Editorial Note

Reasons for the Judgement<a xmlns="" href="#LJA01d110n1" class="note" id="LJA01d110n1a">1</a>: Plymouth Superior Court, May 1768 UNKNOWN


Reasons for the Judgement: Plymouth Superior Court, May 1768 UNKNOWN
Reasons for the Judgement1
Plymouth Superior Court, May 1768
In Superior Court at Plymouth May 1768.

Order'd that the aforesaid Judgment and proceedings of the Court of General Sessions of the peace be quash'd—1st. Because it doth not appear in the Record aforesaid where the Child aforesaid was born.

2. It appears by the Record aforesaid that the aforesaid Judgment was founded on the Oath of the said Jane and on that only.

3. The said Manuel is ordered to recognize in £40 with Sureties to save the Towns of Plymouth Duxborough and Marshfield from all Charge and Damages that may arise by the said Child. Whereas the said Court of General Sessions of the peace, if the said Manuel has been duely adjudged the reputed Father of the Child abovesaid could only have ordered the said Manuel to give Security to save the Town or Place where the Child was born from Charge for its maintenance.

S. Winthrop Cler.

SF 142245, in the hand of Samuel Winthrop, Clerk of the Superior Court. This is evidently the document referred to in the court's decision: “After a due inspection of the Record of the order complained of, and a full hearing of the Parties upon the Errors assigned: Judgement that the Order of the Court of Sessions be quashed for the Reasons on file on the back of the Writ.” Min. Bk. 82, SCJ Plymouth, May 1768, N–12; SCJ Rec. 1767–1768, fol. 189. The reasons actually appear on the verso of the notification to Jane Dotey, cited in note 5 above.