Papers of John Adams, volume 1

To John Wentworth

To William Crawford

To John Wentworth, October 1758 JA Wentworth, John To John Wentworth, October 1758 Adams, John Wentworth, John
To John Wentworth

Braintree, October? 1758. Printed: JA, Earliest Diary , p. 64–65. It is difficult to believe that this draft or retained copy was copied off and sent to Wentworth, because its first paragraph announces the same momentous personal news announced in the opening paragraph of the letter preceding, which is known to have been sent to and received by Wentworth. It is possible that this letter and perhaps others drafted in JA's Earliest Diary were simply epistolary exercises, not intended to be sent in their present form.

Printed: (JA, Earliest Diary , p. 64–65.)