Papers of John Adams, volume 4

To James Otis Sr.

From James Warren

From Joseph Greenleaf, 30 April 1776 Greenleaf, Joseph JA From Joseph Greenleaf, 30 April 1776 Greenleaf, Joseph Adams, John
From Joseph Greenleaf
Sr Boston April 30th. 1776

It gives me no pleasure to meddle with departments not my own. But necessity is laid upon me to inform you (for I suppose you are as yet uninform'd) That Doctr. Loyd,1 who stands charged with being an Associator, and an addressor to Gen. Gage, and who, perhaps tomorrow, will be under arrest in order to be examined and punished for said Crimes, That this same Dr. Loyd is imploy'd to put up several Chests of medicines for our army. Are not these very medicines by a resolve of our Legislative forfeited into the hands of the Colony?

Doctr. Spencer2 likewise who broke into the Store of John Leverett Esqr. in Boston and there took, stole, and from thence carried away a parcell of goods to a large amount is promoted, from being an under Surgeon in a regiment of the British barbarians to be chief Surgeon to the Gallant Capt. Manly. This is the current report in Boston, and I suppose it to be true. I must restrain my reflection on the Subject for fear of being indecent. I make no doubt but that you will make the best use of this information. I am Sr. your huml. Servt.,

Jos. Greenleaf

RC (Adams Papers).


Dr. James Lloyd, Boston physician who served the British garrison and many of its officers, but who stayed on after their evacuation. He was one of the most successful Boston physicians (Henry R. Viets, A Brief History of Medicine in Massachusetts, Boston, 1930, P. 77–78, 94–95; portrait opposite p. 72).


Probably Dr. Arthur Spencer, who left with the British troops for Halifax and was captured, but who was judged by the Massachusetts Council not “inimical to the Country” and freed on promise not to aid the enemies of the United Colonies. Spencer later did serve the American cause actively ( Naval Docs. Amer. Rev. , 4:1162; Mass. Soldiers and Sailors , 14:716).