Papers of John Adams, volume 5


Guide to Editorial Apparatus

xxxiii Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

Many of those whose aid has been mentioned in previous volumes of the Papers of John Adams have continued to extend support and assistance, which is again gratefully acknowledged. Some, however, deserve particular mention for their help in preparing Volumes 5 and 6, and others deserve special mention for continued service. Dr. Larry E. Sullivan, Head Librarian, Museum and Library of Maryland History, provided information about William MacCreery and the port of Cinepuxent. Dr. J. W. Schulte Nordholt, the Netherlands, assisted in clarifying the vagaries of the complex Dutch governmental system of the 18th century. Stephen Catlett, Manuscripts Librarian of the American Philosophical Society, provided continuing assistance in identifying previously unknown letters to the Commissioners in the Franklin Papers. Professor John W. Zarker of Tufts University once again checked our Latin translations. Viola Thomas, of the Department of Romance Languages of Tufts University, translated the numerous French documents that appear in these volumes, and Eglal Heinein of the same department reviewed the translations. The staff of the Massachusetts Historical Society continued its indispensable aid in the use of the Society's magnificent collections, and our editor at Harvard University Press, Ann Louise McLaughlin, again reviewed the editors' work with a critical eye.

Within the Adams Papers staff several people, not on the title-page, deserve mention. A project with the scope of the Adams Papers could not be carried through without the devoted and expert help of our editorial assistants. Katherine Oppermann typed, verified notes, and helped with proofreading and indexing throughout all stages of the preparation of these volumes. Added help in verification and typing came from Maureen Kaplan and Eileen Garred. Mary Ellen Shriver assisted with submission of copy to the Press, proofreading, and indexing. Finally, Marc Friedlaender, adjunct editor of the Adams Papers, has again, by his careful and critical reading of the manuscript, suggested useful changes and additions.