Papers of John Adams, volume 6

From Edmé Jacques Genet, 10 July 1778 Genet, Edmé Jacques JA


From Edmé Jacques Genet, 10 July 1778 Genet, Edmé Jacques Adams, John
From Edmé Jacques Genet
Hond. Sir Vlles. july 10th. 1778

I have receiv'd the papers you Sent me, and will make a proper use of them as soon as possible.1 When I have done with them they shall be returned you with my gratitude. I am with the greatest respect Your most humble and obedient servant


PS2 Keppell's fleet was still at St. Helen's on the 6th. The mediterranean fleet under convoy of the Worcester was come into port, and also part of the Jamaica and Leeward Islands fleet. They Believ'd in London that Philadelphia had been evacuated, and 6000 men under Gen. Grant detached to Jamaica,3 Admiral Byron had been met with on the 19th. 20th. and 24. June. This last time near the Western Islands—and the Asia was in Mad era on the 25th. may with the C. E. I.4 ships on the 7th. this month July. 3 per % cons, were 60. 7/8; per cent Ex. divid.5

Our fleet was Still at Brest wind bound the 7th. of this month. I have a letter from an officer of the fleet of that date.

RC (Adams Papers).


See Genet to JA, 9 July, note 2 (above).


This report is apparently a digest of items appearing in English newspapers and is essentially the same, except for information received after the date of this letter, as that which appeared in Affaires de l'Angleterre et de l'Amérique, “Lettres,” vol. 11, cahier 48, p. xv–xvi, under the title of “P.S. De Londres le 10 Juillet.”


Comma supplied.


Probably an abbreviation for East India Company, at least that is what the reference is to in Affaires.


That is, in London 3-percent consolidated funds, or “Consols,” were being quoted at 60 7/8; exclusive of dividends. Genet's figures were accurate, as can be seen from the quotation in the London Chronicle of 10 July.