Papers of John Adams, volume 7

William Lee to the Commissioners

From Mercy Otis Warren

Benjamin Gunnison to the Commissioners, 14 December 1778 Gunnison, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Lee, Arthur JA First Joint Commission at Paris


Benjamin Gunnison to the Commissioners, 14 December 1778 Gunnison, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Lee, Arthur Adams, John First Joint Commission at Paris
Benjamin Gunnison to the Commissioners
Dear Sir Brigt Morris Roscoff 14 Decem 1778

I have just arrived and tak the Liberty To Right to your Honour to in form you of The Condision of the Brig morris. After a Passig of forty two Days I have arrived in Roscoff In the Province of Britancy and shall weight your in structions. I did intend for Nants or Bourdaux but from violant gaills of wind I had on this Coast have been obliged to 274make this port as my Riggin and sails are much Dammiged on the passig by voilant gails of wind. But I belive they would answar to Carry with a llittal Repair the Brigg To Carry hur to Morlaix should you Chuse to have hur Carried to that place as it not above four Leags Distance from wheir she now lays. I am Dear Sr your very humb to Serve and Obey

Benja Gunnison1

Post Crip

Sr as the Kings frigget Serin Commanded by Mr Cunat Dumeny Esqr2 is now hear and Expects to stay should the wind not shift befour I Receve your answar he offars his servis to Escort the Brig to Nants or Bourdaux.

RC (PPAmP: Franklin Papers); addressed: “The Honble The Commissoners of the United States of america at Paris”; docketed: “Gunnison”; in another hand: “Gunnison 14 Dec. 1778.”


No reply has been found, but on 28 Dec. the Morlaix mercantile firm of Cornic et fils, having twice written to Franklin with no reply, wrote to the Commissioners asking advice on what action to take regarding the Morris and its cargo of tobacco (PPAmP: Franklin Papers). On 2 Jan. the Commissioners informed J. D. Schweighauser of the Morris' arrival and ordered him to weigh the tobacco, deliver it to the Farmers General, and reimburse Cornic et fils, who were informed of these orders in a letter of the same day, for any money advanced to the Morris (both LbC, Adams Papers). On 14 Jan. the Commissioners wrote to Gunnison, ordering him to deliver his cargo to Schweighauser and to follow Schweighauser's instructions insofar as they did not conflict with his orders from the congress (LbC, Adams Papers).


Presumably Gunnison is referring to the French corvette Serin commanded by Duménil (Vicomte de Noailles, Marins et soldats français en Amérique pendant la guerre de l'indepéndence des Etats-Unis, 1778–1783, Paris, 1903, p. 374).