Papers of John Adams, volume 7

To James Lovell

Editorial Note

From J. D. Schweighauser, 19 December 1778 Schweighauser, John Daniel JA From J. D. Schweighauser, 19 December 1778 Schweighauser, John Daniel Adams, John
From J. D. Schweighauser
Sir Nantz 19 December 1778

In compliance with your order1 I have made enquiries for a Vessell bound to Boston but have found none—during my search I was told Yesterday that Cap. McNeil was lately arrived and imediately sent to know when he would take your few articles. He told me that it is true he offered it while his Ship laid at L'Orient, but that since that time he had taken-in, goods and Passengers and that he had no room left. I expressed my surprize and represented to him that one hogshead more or less was not an object in such a Ship as his,—but he repeated his refusal—which puts me under the necessity of waiting for another occasion at which time I shall take care to have them shipt in due time. I am most respectfully Sir Your mo. humble & mo. obedient Servant

J. Dl. Schweighauser

RC (Adams Papers).


JA had written on 8 Dec. (LbC, Adams Papers) to ask Schweighauser to send wine, sugar, and tea to Braintree by the first available ship. JA's letter is largely quoted in the notes to his letter to AA of 9 Dec., informing her of his intention ( Adams Family Correspondence , 3:131). Schweighauser had acknowledged JA's request on 12 Dec. (Adams Papers). It is not known whether these goods were actually sent or ever received.