Papers of John Adams, volume 7

From Jonathan Williams III

To James Lovell

From Ferdinand Grand, 17 February 1779 Grand, Ferdinand JA From Ferdinand Grand, 17 February 1779 Grand, Ferdinand Adams, John
From Ferdinand Grand
Wednesday evening 17? February 1779 1

Mr. Grand has the honour of paying his respects to the Honorable Mr. Adams and begs leave to observe to him that the général Account he requires Since his arrival untill Mr. Franklin's new Commission would not agree with all those he has furnishd in that Interval and which being a Series of Accounts united together would be in Contradiction with that required.

It is not possible to dissect in this manner the général Accounts by 419making particular ones without being exposed to several inconveniencies, besides the Accounts that à Merchant furnishes must agrée with thosè thàt may have been already furnishd and his books, which it is not possible to do with the Account Mr. Adams desires, but this difficulty can be raised and Mr. Adams' intentions equally fulfilld by furnishing Copies of the général Accounts and observing to distinguish by Mr. Adams' name those Articles that the He has authorised by his Signature from those where he is not mentiond which will form a compleat Account, both General and Particular.2

RC (Adams Papers).


The letter is dated from JA's letter to Grand of 16 Feb. (above), which was a Tuesday.


Grand, apologizing for the delay, sent the accounts with his letter of 3 May (below). These accounts have not been found, but see the other accounts printed in vols. 6 and 7.