Papers of John Adams, volume 8

To the Board of Treasury

To Elbridge Gerry

Account of John Adams with the United States, 19 September 1779 JA


Account of John Adams with the United States, 19 September 1779 Adams, John
Account of John Adams with the United States
ca. 19. Sept. 1779
The United states of America to John Adams Cr
By the Total of Monies received1 28,355: 3: 3
The United states of America to John Adams Dr
To the Total of my Expences 13,855: 16: 0
To twenty Month's allowance at the Rate of 11,428 Livres per Annum2 19,046: 0: 0
32901: 16: 0
28355: 03: 3
  Ballance 4546: 12: 9
To Expences at Boston, upon the public Business and Postage of Letters, in my public Capacity since my Return 48
  Ballance due to me. 4594: 12: 9
Errors excepted John Adams

Upon the Revision of my Accounts I find that of Monies received, somewhat larger than I had imagined and that of Expences, a good deal less. By attempting to keep a particular minute Account, I must have forgotten and omitted many Articles, to my own Disadvantage, but this is the fault of no one, but myself, and the loss must be mine.

If the Honourable Board do not approve of this state, they will make what alterations they judge right. It is very probable there may be Errors in Casting and otherwise. The Business of keeping Accounts is a very dull Occupation to me, and that of transcribing them and casting anew, Still more so. I confess I have not Patience for it. The Board will correct it as they think just. If they Adjudge me in Debt the Ballance shall be paid to their order on demand.

John Adams

MS in JA's hand (Adams Papers); docketed: “Accounts”; with the following summary beside the docketing:

Total of Monies received 28,355: 3: 3
Total of Expences 13,855: 16: 0
14,699: 7: 3
For Twenty Months service at 11,428 Liv. per Month 19,046: 0: 0
4346: 12 9

There are two errors in this summary. First, the correct difference between money received and the total paid is 14,499. 7. 3, which would leave the proper balance owing to JA (before postage expense) of 4,546.12. 9 (which JA gives correctly in the full account on the inside page; see text above). Second, the salary figure allotted was per year, not per month. Filmed under Aug. 1779 (Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 350), this is presum-159ably a copy of Account D, enclosed with JA to the Board of Treasury, 19 Sept. (above).


This figure agrees with the total of the amounts recorded in JA's Diary as received, less an amount of 4,294 livres for Deane's furniture. See JA to the Board of Treasury, 19 Sept., note 7 (above).


For the derivation of this figure, see JA to Elbridge Gerry, 20 Sept., note 1 (below).