Papers of John Adams, volume 8

To Edmé Jacques Genet

To the President of the Congress, No. 11

To James Lovell, 29 February 1780 JA Lovell, James


To James Lovell, 29 February 1780 Adams, John Lovell, James
To James Lovell
My dear Friend Paris Hotel de Valois Rue de Richelieu Feb. 29. 17801

I cannot let the Marquis go off, without a Line to you. He took leave of the King a few days ago, in the Uniform of an American Major General, and attracted the Eyes of the whole Court more than ever. He had on no doubt his American Sword2 which is indeed a Beauty, and which he shews with great Pleasure, upon proper Occasions. The workmanship is exquisite, and there are Emblems on it, representing him, in all the most remarkable Situations he has been in in America. He goes out in a Frigate of the King the Hermione from Rochfort, he carries with him Cloaths enough for the Army to make him welcome to them, if they had not known him before.

I must break off. Yours

J. Adams

Excuse one hint more about orders to draw upon you know whom,3 without which We shall be ridiculous.

LbC (Adams Papers).


On this date JA wrote an almost identical letter to Elbridge Gerry (LbC, Adams Papers).


On 21 Oct. 1778 the congress resolved that Benjamin Franklin “be directed to cause an elegant sword, with proper devices, to be made and presented, in the name of the United States, to the Marquis de la Fayette” ( JCC , 12:1035). Franklin presented the sword in Aug. 1779 ( Cal. Franklin Papers, A.P.S. , 2:134).


That is, to draw upon Benjamin Franklin; see JA to the president of the congress, 17 Feb., and note 1 (above).