Papers of John Adams, volume 9


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xxv Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

The titlepage is far too small to list all those to whom the editors owe a large debt of gratitude for their assistance in preparing these volumes. Lisa S. Peck verified most of the annotation. Her sharp eye helped the editors avoid error and her critical mind suggested new avenues of investigation. Former Assistant Editor Keith Schlesinger contributed to the initial editing of volume 9. Laura Graham assisted in the final stages of production during her tenure as a National Historical Publications and Records Commission fellow at the Adams Papers. As in previous volumes, most of the French translations are by Viola Thomas, but two are by a new contributor, Arthur Goldhammer. Karen Engle helped with the transcription of the Dutch text of Hendrik Calkoen's letter of 31 August 1780, and Professor Richard Thomas of the Department of Classics at Harvard University assisted with Latin translations. Jonathan Dull of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin answered questions about John Adams' colleague in Paris.

These volumes could not have been produced without the devoted assistance of our colleagues at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Particular appreciation is owed Louis Leonard Tucker, Director, Peter Drummey, Librarian, Mary E. Cogswell, former Associate Librarian, and to library staff members Aimée Bligh and Virginia H. Smith, as well as to Chris Steele, Curator of Photographs. We would also like to thank the devoted members of the Adams Papers Administrative Committee, listed on p. vi above, who in recent years have assumed an increased responsibility in response to new financial challenges for the project.

Finally, Harvard University Press provided the Adams Papers staff with support as we took over responsibility for typesetting and producing camera-ready copy. We would like to thank the Press' Production Manager John Walsh as well as our typesetters Kevin and Ken Krugh of Technologies 'N Typography for their help in guiding us through unfamiliar territory. Elizabeth Suttell of the Press' editorial department has given us timely advice and assistance. Our editor for three decades at the Press, Ann Louise Coffin McLaughlin, has continued in retirement to encourage and support our efforts.