Papers of John Adams, volume 9

To John Bondfield

To Edmund Jenings

To John Bondfield, 2 April 1780 JA Bondfield, John


To John Bondfield, 2 April 1780 Adams, John Bondfield, John
To John Bondfield
Dear Sir Paris Hotel de Valois Ruë de Richelieu April 2d. 1780

I have Occasion for a Cask of Bordeaux Wine, of the very best Quality, such as You sent Us, when I was at Passy.1 I wish You would be so good, as to send it me, as soon as possible, as I am in great distress for want of it, having none, and being able to get none so good for daily Consumption. Your Bill for the Money shall be paid punctually.

Another favor I have to ask of You, and that is a list of the various Sorts of Bordeaux Wines, their Names, Qualities and Prices, and what is the difference between the Price of new Wine and old of each Sort, per Ton, what Quantity there is in a Ton—per Hogshead or Pipe and what Quantity there is ordinarily in each.2

I am &c.


LbC in John Thaxter's hand (Adams Papers.)


See Bondfield's letter of 3 Oct. 1778 to the Commissioners (vol. 7:103–104).


Using almost identical language, JA asked for the same information in letters of this date to B. de Cabarrus Jeune, a Bordeaux merchant, and to William Vernon Jr. (both LbC's, Adams Papers). JA's only significant addition to those letters was his statement that he had “particular Reasons for making this Inquiry and to request exact Information.” Cabarrus and Bondfield replied on 8 and 12 April respectively (both below), but Vernon's reply, which JA acknowledged in a letter of 15 April (LbC, Adams Papers), has not been found.