Papers of John Adams, volume 9

From William Lee

To the President of Congress, No. 40

To Muscoe Livingston, 10 April 1780 JA Livingston, Muscoe


To Muscoe Livingston, 10 April 1780 Adams, John Livingston, Muscoe
To Muscoe Livingston
Sir Paris Hotel de Valois Ruë de Richelieu April 10. 1780

I received your favour of the 28 March, some days ago, and thank you for your kind Congratulations on my safe arrival. Your letter to 121Governor Livingston I sent along to him, with other Letters I carried to America. I had not the Pleasure of seeing him, as I had not an opportunity to travel that Way. I am glad to hear that you have recovered your Health, and if you go to America, wish you an agreable Passage. It is not in my Power to procure you a Passage in one of the Men of War, but it is very probable you may obtain one nearer where you are by an Application to the proper Persons, who have Authority for it, if indeed these Vessells are bound to North America, because your Acquaintance with the Coast may be of service to them. Please to present my respects to Mr Schweighauser and family. I have the Honour to be with respect, sir your most Obedient and humble sert

LbC (Adams Papers;) directed to: “Mr. Moses Livingston, au soins de Monsieur J. D. Schweighauser at Nantes.” Muscoe Livingston, who always signed his name as “M. Livingston,” had written to the Commissioners and to JA in 1778 and 1779, and is mentioned in letters from other correspondents in those years (see vols. 6–8).