Papers of John Adams, volume 9

To Jonathan Williams

To the President of Congress, No. 57

From François Louis Teissèdre de Fleury, 1 May 1780 Fleury, François Louis Teissèdre de JA


From François Louis Teissèdre de Fleury, 1 May 1780 Fleury, François Louis Teissèdre de Adams, John
From François Louis Teissèdre de Fleury
My dear sir Brest 1st. May 1780

I expected for writting to you, that I could tell, the wind serves, we sail to Morrow for your dear Country, and in six weeks hence, I shall see Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Dana, but since twenty days that we are on board, the wind has been Constantly to the south-west; it is only since this morning that we expect it will Come to the north, or est.

To Morrow, I hope, we shall sail, for ——xxx you know it better than I; but I can neither suppose or desire, that our expedition be entended for N. York. I think sooner, we go at New port, and our squadron, will at the meantime Cruze before Sandy Hook, to starve the british in their inexpugnable Lines. We are too few, for any thing else, and if we do attempt Rashly any important attacks, we may find an other Savanah.1

Whatever may be the place of our Landing in America, I hope to find means of forwarding, your Letters, to your familly and friends, and if it is Rhode Iland, I shall my self go to Braintree et Cambridge, and be the bearer of your packets.

Farewell. Be happy as much I desire & you deserve it, & believe me with a Respect equal to my gratitude for your kindness, your most obedient humble servant.

L. Fleury2

My best Respects to Mr. Dana, & your familly.

RC (Adams Papers).


A reference to Estaing's failed siege of Savannah, Ga., in September and October 1779. See Arthur Lee to JA, 24 Sept. 1779, note 2 (vol. 8:169–170).


For a sketch of Fleury, who had served as a volunteer in the Continental Army between 1776 and 1779 and who returned to America with Rochambeau's army in 1780, see Adams Family Correspondence , 3:317. Fleury carried JA's letter of 24 March and two small packages to AA, which were received on 23 July (same, 3:316–317, 381; 4:1).