Papers of John Adams, volume 10

From Thomas Digges

Enclosure: Calculations Respecting a Loan

From Anthony Mylius, 29 September 1780 Mylius, Anthony JA From Anthony Mylius, 29 September 1780 Mylius, Anthony Adams, John
From Anthony Mylius
September 29th 17801

Mr. Mylius's Compliments to the Honourable Sir Adams, Whereas Mr. van Blomberg is out of the City and doth not returns before Munday next coming, and hath ordered his Clerk to bring any word which might come from You Sir to me, So I did take the Liberty to open your Billet for Mr. van Blomberg and Saw thereby that you desired another Evenings Conversation in Company only with me,2for which Honour I am much obliged to You, whereupon I can Say 189 image that I think it will be next Tuesday Evening the time nearer to be appointed.

RC (Adams Papers); endorsed: “Mr Mylius's Billet 29. Sept. 1780.”


According to a letter from Anthony Mylius of 6 April 1782 (Adams Papers), JA employed Mylius as a notary and translator.


The previous conversation between Mylius and JA may have occurred at a meeting held on the evening of 26 Sept., which Hendrik van Blomberg requested in his letter of that date (above).