Papers of John Adams, volume 10

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From Francis Dana, 9 October 1780 Dana, Francis JA From Francis Dana, 9 October 1780 Dana, Francis Adams, John
From Francis Dana
Dear Sir Antwerp Mondy: Octr. 9th. 1780

I reached Leide in the Scout1 at 6. o Clock, and finding it impossible from thence to get to Roterdam that night in a Scout, I took a Carriage, and rode on to that place, where I arrived between 10 and 11 Clock at night. There I luckily found a French Gentleman who was bound for Antwerp; with him I took another Carriage at Rotterdam, and tho' the road was exceedingly bad, we got on within one league of this place at 1/2 past 7. Clock last evening, the gates being then shut, we cou'd not enter till this morning. I immediately proceeded to this Hotel (Laboureur) and found Mr. Thaxter in bed, and all things safe—Nothing unfortunate has taken place.2 I have been so much fatigued in my rout, being unwell as you know when I set off, that I shall not think of leaving this place before to morrow morning, if then, and we shall proceed on leisurely without travelling at all in the night, if to be avoided.

I am, dear Sir, with much respect and esteem, your most obedient and most humble Servant

FRA Dana

RC (Adams Papers).


A flat bottomed, Dutch river boat ( OED ).


It is likely that Francis Dana was sent to meet John Thaxter because of JA's concern over the safety of his Letterbooks and other papers that Thaxter was bringing from Paris (to James Searle, 23 Sept., note 2, above). Dana indicates that he was back in Amsterdam by the evening of 12 Oct. (MHi: Francis Dana Letterbook).