Papers of John Adams, volume 10

To Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol

From Edmund Jenings

To Jean Luzac, 20 November 1780 JA Luzac, Jean To Jean Luzac, 20 November 1780 Adams, John Luzac, Jean
To Jean Luzac
Sir Amsterdam Novr. 20. 1780

I have received your obliging Letter and a dozen Copies of the “Pensees.” I am much obliged to you Sir, for these Copies, and for an excellent Preface, which is worth more than the Book.

I Should be glad to pay for a Couple of Dozens more of these Pamphlets. They come out, in the critical Moment to do good, if ever. If the Impression they make now should not be deep, it will sink deeper e'er long, for I See plainly by “a certain Memorial,”1 that the King of England and his Ministers, have in their Hearts War against this Republick. Join or not join the armed Neutrality, it will come, if After a long Experience of those Characters I have not mistaken them. They do not charge Faction and Cabal &c. &c. &c. but in Earnest.

I am sir, with great Esteem, your hml srt.

LbC (Adams Papers).


Sir Joseph Yorke's of 10 Nov., see JA to the president of Congress, 16 Nov., No. 20 (above).