Papers of John Adams, volume 11

To William Temple Franklin

From Edmund Jenings

To Philip Mazzei, 18 January 1781 JA Mazzei, Philip To Philip Mazzei, 18 January 1781 Adams, John Mazzei, Philip
To Philip Mazzei
Amsterdam Jan. 18. 1781 Dear Sir

I yesterday received yours of the 19 of October. Sometime Since I received the other of the 19th. of August.1 Both went to Paris and I being here, Mr. Dana and Mr. Thaxter forwarded, their Inclosures, according to my desire, but I am not able to say in what Vessel.

In Consequence of Mr. Laurens's Misfortune, I am ordered to reside in Holland for the present, and should be glad to be informed by you, whether it is probable, that any Money might be borrowed in Italy for the United States, by the Authority of Congress.

Your Letter for Governor Jefferson2 I sent with my Dispatches in the time of it, but I am not able to say by what Vessell.

The English are in a fair Way to have Ennemies enough. They dont love their Ennemies like good Christians, but they love to have Ennemies, and I think their Passion will be abundantly gratified. The Dutch are already added to the French, Spaniards, and Americans, and it is likely that the Russians, Sweeds and Danes will Soon increase the List. Will the English make a great Figure in the Contest?

I am &c.

LbC (Adams Papers).


Vol. 10:292–293, 81–82.


Mazzei to Thomas Jefferson, 19 Aug. 1780, not found (vol. 10:81–82; Jefferson,Papers , 3:557). See Mazzei's letter to JA of 28 March, below, for extensive quotations from Mazzei's letter to Jefferson.