Papers of John Adams, volume 11

From F. & A. Dubbeldemuts

To Benjamin Franklin and William Jackson

F. & A. Dubbeldemuts to John Adams: A Translation, 17 June 1781 Dubbeldemuts, F. & A. (business) JA F. & A. Dubbeldemuts to John Adams: A Translation, 17 June 1781 Dubbeldemuts, F. & A. (business) Adams, John
F. & A. Dubbeldemuts to John Adams: A Translation
Sir Rotterdam, 17 June 17811

We are interested in a ship and its cargo of which we have enclosed information.2 We are taking the liberty to ask that you examine this information and advise us as to the possibility of obtaining damages. We beg you to excuse us for causing this inconvenience.

Several of our friends are interested in the ships and cargo brought into Brest.3 We dared to take the liberty of sending to you one of these friends, who is supposed to receive goods for the American account, in order that 379he have the honor to speak with you. Please do not be offended by the liberty taken to address you by those who have the honor to be, with the highest esteem possible, sir, your very humble and very obedient servants

F & A Dubbeldemuts

RC (Adams Papers).


At the bottom of this letter is a note from F. & A. Dubbeldemuts dated 20 June. The Rotterdam merchants indicate that they originally sent the letter of 17 June to Leyden, but that it was returned with the information that JA's permanent residence was at Amsterdam. They, therefore, were sending the “ci jointe” or “subjoined” letter on to JA at Amsterdam with the hope that he would honor them with a response.


For the Dutch sloop Chester, see JA's reply of 21 June, below.


The British vessels captured by La Motte-Picquet's squadron on 2 May (from Benjamin Franklin, 11 May, note 1, above).