Papers of John Adams, volume 13


Guide to Editorial Apparatus

xxv Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

The publication of a volume of the Papers of John Adams requires the assistance of many more people than can be listed on the title page. In our office Paul Fótis Tsimahides transcribed documents for this and future volumes and, with Founding Fathers Papers Fellow Karen Northrop Barzilay, assisted in the final, crucial tasks necessary before a volume can be published. Former editorial assistant Jennifer Shea helped with the collation and the preparation of the documents for editing. The efforts of former assistant editor Joanna M. Revelas, who again provided translations of French documents, are also greatly appreciated. Lastly, Ann-Marie Imbornoni copyedited the entire volume and added immensely to its accuracy and style.

Over time, a project such as the Adams Papers builds a store of old and new friends whose assistance is vital to the editorial process. Once again Inez Hollander Lake of Orinda, California, transcribed and translated Dutch letters and documents and provided answers to our many questions about them, especially regarding the text of the Dutch-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce. Margarete Ritzkowsky of Tutzing, Germany, performed the same tasks for German documents, all of them posing special problems for the transcriber and translator. Prof. Ward W. Briggs of the University of South Carolina continued to provide translations of Latin passages. Ellen R. Cohn, Jonathan R. Dull, and Kate M. Ohno of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin were always willing and able to answer our questions. Our research efforts were made much easier than might otherwise have been the case through the assistance of Edward B. Doctoroff, Head of the Administrative Services Division at Harvard's Widener Library, and the staff of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department at the Boston Public Library. Finally, we would like to thank our new friends: Prof. John J. McCusker of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, who shared with us his vast knowledge of the arcane world of eighteenth-century finance; and Emma Butterfield, Picture Librarian, National Portrait Gallery, London, who expedited the always difficult task of procuring illustrations.


The Harvard University Press has continued its unstinting support for the publication of the Adams Papers volumes, for which we are greatly appreciative. We want to thank particularly Assistant Director for Design and Production John Walsh, who could not have been more supportive. The same can be said for Lisa Roberts, Paperback Manager; and Kathleen McDermott, Editor, History and Social Sciences, for their help in the production and marketing of this book. This volume of the Papers of John Adams posed some difficult typographical problems, and the patience and assistance of Kevin Krugh and his staff at Technologies 'N Typography was crucial to our efforts.

No Adams Papers volume would be possible without access to the unparalleled collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society and the assistance of the Society's skilled, professional, and knowledgeable staff. We would particularly like to thank William M. Fowler Jr., Director; Peter Drummey, Stephen T. Riley Librarian; Brenda M. Lawson, Associate Librarian and Curator of Manuscripts; Mary E. Fabiszewski, Senior Cataloger; Kimberly Nusco, Reference Librarian; Nancy Heywood, Digital Projects Coordinator; Jennifer Smith, Photographic Services; and Thomas Blake, Digital Projects Production Specialist. Finally, we are very appreciative of the contributions to the success of this project made by the members of the Adams Papers Administrative Committee.