Papers of John Adams, volume 13

From Jean de Neufville

From Edmund Jenings

To Jean de Neufville & Fils, 6 June 1782 JA Neufville, Jean de, & Fils (business)


To Jean de Neufville & Fils, 6 June 1782 Adams, John Neufville, Jean de, & Fils (business)
To Jean de Neufville & Fils
The Hague June 6. 1782 Gentn.

I have Just received your favour of yesterday. You desire me to Send you, two Letters from Dr Franklin. I have no Remembrance of your ever leaving with me, more than one, which is the Drs Letter to you of the 4. Sept. 1781. This original Letter, I return you, herein inclosed. I have no other. I have indeed a Copy, which you gave me 98of the Drs Letter to you of 26 Octr. 1780.1 The original I never had. If this Copy will be of any Service to you, I send it inclosed. These are all the Letters or Copies of Letters from Dr Franklin to you which I have, or ever had to my knowledge.

You Say, “you shall be glad as Soon as may be, to have the objections to our Accounts, which I shall be pleased to make.” I am wholly at a Loss for your meaning in this, as I know nothing of your Accounts.

There is the Article of Money advanced to American Prisoners indeed in my private acct. that I cant comprehend. The Money to Talbot I never ordered, and indeed his Rect is on Account of his owners. And I had advanced him, the same sum another Way. The five Guineas to Ed. Savil and others I dont remember ordering, and I had Sent them, money more than once another Way.2 This however, I will pay, but the Article charged is 234. f. 11s. which is more than all the Receipts amount to.

I have the Honour to be &c

LbC (Adams Papers).


For Franklin's letter of 4 Sept. 1781 to de Neufville & Fils, see Franklin, Papers , 35:437–438; the letter by which it was sent to JA has not been found. The letter copied actually was dated 26 Nov. (same, 36:117) and was enclosed with the de Neufvilles' letter of 5 Dec. (vol. 12:112–115). For the de Neufvilles' interest in retrieving these letters, see their letter of 5 June 1782, and note 3, above.


Silas Talbot and Edward Savil were American prisoners of war in Britain to whom JA had provided financial assistance. For the reconciled account, see the de Neufvilles' letter of 14 June, below.