Papers of John Adams, volume 13

To Edmund Jenings

From Tristram Dalton

From Thomas Barclay, 18 July 1782 Barclay, Thomas JA


From Thomas Barclay, 18 July 1782 Barclay, Thomas Adams, John
From Thomas Barclay
Amsterdam 18th. July 1782 Dear Sir

I had a letter some days ago from Doctor Franklin desiring me not to draw on him for any more money, to which yesterday I wrote a reply, a Copy of which I send inclosed to your Excellency.1 If you shou'd ask why I trouble you with it, my answer is, that it is for the reason I have given Doctor Franklin for writing so long a letter to him, “because I wish you to know minutely my situation.” I have little doubt but he will relax from his Injunctions, in which Case I shall have the pleasure, I hope, in about ten days of waiting on you for your Commands to France, and to return you my acknowledgements for your kindness and attention to me in Holland.

In the mean time I am with the greatest sincerity Your Excellencys Very Obed Servant

Thos Barclay

RCand enclosure (Adams Papers); endorsed by John Thaxter: “T. Barclay Esqr 18th. July 1782. Inclosing Copy of Letter to Dr. Franklin”; docketed by CFA: “Mr 186Barclay. July 18th 1782.” The enclosed letter to Franklin is dated and filmed at 17 July (Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 357).


Franklin's letter was of 5 July but has not been found. For Barclay's reply of 17 July, which was a detailed account of his continuing efforts to reach a final settlement regarding the goods left by Alexander Gillon in 1781, see Franklin, Papers , 37:641–644.