Papers of John Adams, volume 13

From Edmund Jenings

From John Jay

From John Loveney, 1 August 1782 Loveney, John JA


From John Loveney, 1 August 1782 Loveney, John Adams, John
From John Loveney
Sr Amsterdam, ca. 1 August 1782

I am to Acquaint you that Captn Allcock is Likely to go to Prison the Bill that was present'd to you1 it is the Astonishment to every Body it was not Discharg'd by you as he made not the Least Doubt but it wd. be paid on which Account he has plung'd himself into the Greatest Difficulties as I am a Principle Concern'd you'll Please to Communicate what Can be Done so as to prevent his Going Prison as he is in a Strange Place end without friends he has been at my house Ever since he Came to Amsterdam and I have Supportd him in Eating and Drinking and Money Lent permit therefore to Request Your Speedy Answer will be of the Utmost Consequence: there are many more Creditors for Considerable Sums. Yr. Humble. Servant

John Loveney

Please to Direct at the Crown in the Warmoes Streed2

RC (Adams Papers). Filmed (at 1782, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 358).


See Allcock to JA, 9 July, above.


JA replied the following day, “I can pay no Debts of Mr Allcock, nor advance him any more money. It is astonishing that any Body could ever have entertained so ground less an Apprehension as that I could pay the Bill you mention or any other like it” (LbC, Adams Papers).