Papers of John Adams, volume 13

Pieter van Bleiswyck to John Adams: A Translation

From Edmund Jenings

From Henry Grand, 20 August 1782 Grand, Henry JA


From Henry Grand, 20 August 1782 Grand, Henry Adams, John
From Henry Grand
Paris August 20th. 1782 Sir

I have had the honour of your last Letter1 to which the least return was a quiker aknowledgement of thanks for its particular civil contents; and I should certainly not have been deficient in that respect had it not been for the Settlement of a part of your Madeira 257Wine which I let a friend have, for you may well suppose that no man in the World, lett him have been ever so sincere a Wel Wisher to America, no one I say could have got the better of all that Wine in the lapse of time it has been in our Cellar; altho the Claret, from its not having filled more than half the Cask it was put in, is grown sour. The part I sold is 260 Bottles of Madeira which has cleared £325. for which you have credit upon our Books.

You have had for the remaining part a most Strict Compliance to your orders, having frequently, with american friends, toasted Success to America. I must add thereto my repeated thanks.

Being, without any publick News, a little urged by the Time, I must conclude most respectfully Sir Your most obe hub Se Hy. Grand

RC (Adams Papers).


Of 23 July, above.