Papers of John Adams, volume 14

To Eliphalet Brush

Draft Article on Loyalists

Sir The Hague, 26 November 1782

I hope you have received all my previous letters, which I addressed according to Mr. Thaxter's instructions; and that he has also received his own correspondence, which I sent on for him and Mr. Storer. I suppose too that you have by now received Mr. Holtzhey's medal, which the Duc de La Vauguyon included in an express sent off while you were still en route.

My last communication contained a letter for Mr. Livingston.1

Last week was taken up with creating a third five-year term for the grand pensionary.2

Our friends here, to whom I gave your greetings, respond cordially in 91kind. I am to tell you that they expect you not to appear too accommodating in the concessions you exact from the enemy, or in those you grant. They would like you to inform them whether you are on good terms with Mr. Brantsen and if you have a cordial understanding; if he is communicative, as instructed; how he conducts himself; and whether you are satisfied with him. They strongly insist that arrangements be made to appoint and dispatch a minister of the republic to America, to arrive there next spring.3

The post, being about to depart, scarcely leaves me time to assure you of my respectful attachment; I remain, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant