Papers of John Adams, volume 14

124 To C. W. F. Dumas, 13 December 1782 Adams, John Dumas, C. W. F.
To C. W. F. Dumas
Sir, Paris. 13th. Decemr: 1782

Dr: Franklin I suppose has written to London & consented to exchange Sir J. Jay, for Lt: Collo: Dundas— He recd. a letter fm. the late Advocate of Scotland, proposing such an Exchange—which he communicated to his Colleagues & we advised him to agree to it—1

Mr: Brantzen is greatly & justly respected here, and is as friendly & communicative to me as I desire—

You have known a little of my anxiety abt: the fisheries, & some other points— It is pretty well removed— We have obtained satisfaction upon these points, by convincing the English Ministers, by fair & candid Arguments, that it was their Interest to give it us—

Respects to Madame & Mademoiselle—&c:

LbC in Charles Storer's hand (Adams Papers); internal address: “Mr. Dumas.”; APM Reel 108.


See Sir James Jay's 27 Oct. request for an exchange, above. On 26 Nov., Richard Oswald wrote to Franklin and indicated that Henry Dundas, former Lord Advocate of Scotland, had written to request the exchange of his nephew, Capt. Francis Dundas, who had been captured at Yorktown. On the 27th Franklin approved Dundas’ exchange for Sir James Jay, and in a letter of the following day he notified Jay of his action (Franklin, Papers , 38:358–359, 361–362, 371–372).