Papers of John Adams, volume 14


Notice of Honorary Degree from Harvard College


Song, to the tune of “Vous l’ordonnez”5

Friend of the law, Of citizens, of men, I wish to sing your glory aloud As they sang in Greece and Rome Your equals, rather than great kings.
Draw nigh, My amiable friends Who have tasted freedom, and let us laud The constant guardian Singing the honor that others envy.
If you do deign For your recompense, O Gyselaar, who defends us, Receive well our gratitude, Knowing that we are esteemed by you.
We know All those whose hearts do ache With yours in perfect unison The fatal chain shall break, Imposed on us by enemies of the just.
You live therefore For many a year Enjoying pleasures most sweet As writers who have charmed us do— Such are our wishes formed for you.

Song, to the tune of “God Save the King”

The first of the Adams Enslaved his children By eating too much, But a wiser Adams Preserved their destiny, Giving them liberty In our own time.
Nymphs of the ocean And of the continent That it doth bathe, Like me, by your songs Celebrating and dancing The illustrious agent Of this event.