Papers of John Adams, volume 15

From Edmund Jenings

To C. W. F. Dumas

Sir 3 June 1783

I was attending a meeting of the Royal Society of Medicine when Mr. Vicq d’Azyr informed us of the desire that you had expressed of establishing a correspondence between the Boston College of Medicine and this society. This proposition was so flattering to the society that it naturally wished to show its gratitude. Its secretary, as I learned with pleasure in your letter of 20 December, has carried out this task. Please rest assured, sir, that the Royal Society, which takes every opportunity to make its research more generally useful through connections that it takes pleasure in undertaking and maintaining with various learned societies, both domestic and foreign, will not lose any opportunity to give to the Boston College of Medicine proof of its friendship and devotion.1

I have the honor of being, with respectful consideration, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant