Papers of John Adams, volume 15

From John Thaxter

To Robert R. Livingston

From Wilhem & Jan Willink, 31 July 1783 Willink, Wilhem & Jan (business) Adams, John
From Wilhem & Jan Willink
Sir [31 July 1783]1

Your Excellency’s Letter for the Honourable R: Livingston Esqr. by want of Ships opportunity we recommanded this morning to the Care of Mr. Brush, and having received with the french mail the inclosed, we forward it immediately.2


We have had a great deal of trouble with the Coachman, who made his acct. that the hire agreed upon of 2ƒ a day till the return made already till now

 290 days 2ƒ ƒ580—
and then pretended Sixty pounds for the Coach, we aft. a great deal of talking Settled with him for ƒ750 in all
for we Considered that if your Excellency had returned With the Coach, Said hire’d have been pay’d, so deducting of the ƒ750—
Said hire rent  580—
the Coach in Reality only costs ƒ170—
to you and the repairs in paris at "400
Leaves the Coach to you ƒ570—

now repaired in good order, whch. we Consider at a very moderate price and cheap. We flatter ourselves your Excellency ’ll be pleased With this transaction being said ƒ750 charged to the acct. of the United States.

We pay our Compliments to the Young Mr. Adams and have the honour to be With respectfull Regard. / Sir / Your most Humb Servants

Wilhem & Jan Willink

RC (Adams Papers); internal address: “To his Excellency John Adams Esqr / at the Hague.” Filmed at [5–6 Aug. 1783].


This date is derived from the Willinks’ reference to charging the f750 for the coach “to the acct. of the United States.” They did so on 31 July (DNA:RG 39, Foreign Ledgers, Public Agents in Europe, 1776–1787, Microfilm, Reel 1, f. 366). JA and JQA had returned to The Hague on the 30th (JQA, Diary , 1:176).


The letter to Robert R. Livingston may be that of 28 July, above, the only letter that JA wrote to Livingston during his visit to Amsterdam. JA may also have sent the Willinks copies of the six letters—30 and 31 July, above, and 1, 2, and 3 (2) Aug., below—that he wrote to Livingston following his return to The Hague. In a letter of 8 Aug. (Adams Papers), the Willinks indicated that they had given six letters to Eliphalet Brush, who was going to depart the following morning. The letter “received with the french mail” cannot be identified with certainty but may be John Jay’s of 26 July, above, in which Jay mentions the treaty with Denmark. See JA’s reference to that treaty and Jay in his 1 Aug. letter to Livingston, below.