Papers of John Adams, volume 15

From Elbridge Gerry

From Thomas Cushing

To Jean George Holtzhey, 24 November 1783 Adams, John Holtzhey, Jean George
To Jean George Holtzhey
Sir London Novr: 24. 1783.

Since I have been in London, a number of Gentlemen have expressed a Desire to have the Medals, struck by you in Commemoration of the Connection between your Country and mine.—1

I should be obliged to you, if you would send me three of each Sort, and apply to Messrs Wilhem & Jan Willink for your Pay, who will charge it to my Account. Send them, if you please, to the Care of Mr: John Stockdale opposite Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.— The sooner they arrive here the better— I fancy Mr: Stockdale would be able to sell a great Number of them here, if you should think proper to send them to him for Sale If you could procure me also, three of those, which were struck by the Society Liberty and Zeal, in Friesland, I should be glad.2

I am Sir very respectfully your most humble Servant.

LbC in JQA’s hand (Adams Papers); internal address: “Mr: Holtzhey Medallist. Amsterdam.”; APM Reel 107.


These are Holtzhey’s two medals commemorating, respectively, Dutch recognition of the United States on 19 April 1782 and the signing of the Dutch-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce on 8 Oct. 1782. For a description and reproduction of the first, which JA received with a 20 Oct. 1782 letter from Holtzhey, see vol. 13:xiv–xv, 536–537, 538. For the second, which Holtzhey enclosed with his letter of 23 Dec. 1782, see vol. 14:145–146.


This medal commemorated Friesland’s recognition of the United States on 26 Feb. 1782 and was issued by the Société Bourgeoise of Leeuwarden. For a description and reproduction of the medal, as well as the society’s 29 April 1783 presentation letter, see vol. 14:xiv, 458–462, 463.