Papers of John Adams, volume 16

Sir Amsterdam, 23 February 1784

Le politique hollandais is dead, and the Mercure hollandais has taken its place. I have the honor of sending to your excellency the first issue of this new leaf. You can buy the subsequent issues from the booksellers at The Hague who sell the Courier de l’Europe. I hope the public will not miss Mr. Cerisier’s zeal and patriotism, but as for me I will greatly miss your excellency’s being in Amsterdam so I can receive your instructions there.1

I beseech you to send me all that concerns America and would fit in a public paper. The Chantre de l’Amérique has some right, it seems to me, to defend the interests of the thirteen United States, and it must be the first after your excellency to be informed about what the public wants to know in this country, even before the Gazette de Leyde, as patriotic and well intentioned as it may be.2

My address in all matters concerning the Mercure hollandais is in care of the author of this publication at the Holtrop bookseller on Kalvestraat.

I am still awaiting a reply to my last letter,3 and remain with the devotion and respect that you know in me, sir, your excellency’s very humble & very obedient servant

De Chavannes de la Giraudiere