Papers of John Adams, volume 16

From Joseph Palmer

From Thomas Jefferson

Charles Thomson to the American Commissioners, 18 June 1784 Thomson, Charles American Commissioners
Charles Thomson to the American Commissioners
Gentlemen Philadelphia June 18. 1784

I have the honor of forwarding three comm[issions] which were not prepared in time to go by Mr Jefferson, [and] a duplicate of the instructions he carried with him.1 I [also] enclose a copy of the Journal of the last session of Congr[ess] as far as printed and a news paper containing the Ordinance for putting the treasury into commission and an Act defining the powers of the committee of the States during the recess of Congress.2 On the third of this Month Congress was adjourned pursuant to an act passed the 26 April to meet at Trenton on the 30 of October next. With great respect I have the honor to be Gentlemen Yr. Most Ob: h Servt

C. T.

FC (PHi:Charles Thomson Papers, Letterbook, 1784); internal address: “The honble. Jn Adams B Franklin & T. Jefferson—” Some loss of text due to a torn manuscript.


These commissions were for commercial treaties with France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. For the commissions already sent and the possible reason for the delay in sending the three additional commissions, see the joint commission to negotiate a treaty of amity and commerce with Great Britain, [12 May], and note 1, above. For the set of instructions likely enclosed with this letter, see the instructions to the American commissioners, 7 May, and note 1, above.


A copy of Congress’ Journals for the period from 3 Nov. 1783 to 3 June 1784 is in JA’s library at MB ( Catalogue of JA’s Library ). The newspaper has not been found, but for the ordinance establishing a Board of Treasury composed of three commissioners, see Elbridge Gerry’s 16 June letter, and note 3, above. For the resolution adopted on 29 May establishing the Committee of the States and the committee’s membership, see JCC , 27:474–477.