Papers of John Adams, volume 16

To James Warren

To Hendrik Fagel

John Adams to Wilhem & Jan Willink, 30 June 1784 Adams, John Wilhem & Jan Willink
To Wilhem & Jan Willink
Gentlemen The Hague June 30. 1784

I have just now received your Favour of Yesterday and am very Sorry to find by it that my Express is arrested at Brussells. This Express was Sent to Paris Solely upon Affairs of the United States of America and my private Affairs. In the three Trunks he has with him there is nothing but my Manuscript Books and Papers, Cloaths of myself, Son & servants and Ninety Six Spoons and Forks larger and Smaller made for the Use of my Family while at Paris on the Negotiation of the Peace. I cannot think that any of these can be Subject to any Duty or Impost, and I hope they will be released, with the Express, as Soon as the Circumstances Shall be known. There is nothing most certainly among the Papers which has any Relation to disputes of the present day. You may inclose this Letter. and it may be left, if necessary and where it may be necessary.

LbC (Adams Papers); internal address: “Messrs Wilhem and Jan Willink.”; APM Reel 107.