Papers of John Adams, volume 16


VIII. The American Commissionersto the Baron von Thulemeier

VII. To the Baron von Thulemeier, 13 February 1785 American Commissioners Adams, John Franklin, Benjamin Jefferson, Thomas Thulemeier, Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von
VII. To the Baron von Thulemeier
Sir Auteuil near Paris Feby: 13. 1785.

Your Favour of the 24th: of Jany. did not reach me, untill two Days ago. I communicated the Observations, inclosed in it, immediately to my Colleagues, who will transmit you our Answers, as soon as Health, and other Circumstances will admit. I have communicated to them also, your personal and confidential observations to me. They will have great Weight as they ought to have.

I am weary of the slow Motions of other Courts and States, as much as I admire the Dispatch, Intelligence, and Decision of that of Berlin, and as much as I am charmed to find the King do us the Honour to agree to the Platonic Philosophy of some of our Articles, which are at least a good Lesson to Mankind, and will derive more Influence from a Treaty ratified by the King of Prussia, than from the writings of Plato, or sir Thomas More.

You may depend upon it, I will do every thing in my Power to 414 bring this Treaty to a speedy Conclusion, and to conform in every thing, as far as I can consistently with my Instructions, to his Majesty’s Observations.

This Answer, you perceive is not Ministerial, any more than your Letter. But I hope to have the honour of signing the Treaty with you, if I should not have that of residing near you at the Hague, which I wish in a short Time.

With great Respect &c.

LbC in JQA’s hand (Adams Papers); internal address: “Baron de Thulemeier”; APM Reel 107.