Papers of John Adams, volume 17


From the Baron von Thulemeier

Sir The Hague, 17 June 1785 1

I hope that the letter which I had the honor to write to you last Tuesday has reached you.2 You will see in it, sir, that due to the clarifications which Mr. Dumas has given me pertaining to the reasons that prevented you from presenting your letter of recall before presenting your letter of credence to the king of Great Britain, Their High Mightinesses were satisfied and that there are no further questions regarding the affair. I have just received a new letter this morning in which you have honored me with a memorial addressed to the States General, of which I can make use if the need arises. As I consider this affair concluded, without having left the least trace in our register, I have agreed with the grand pensionary to show this memorial to no one.3 It was natural that some observations were made initially upon your reception in England before having presented a letter of recall here, but as my opinion and assurances were considered worthy of deferring to, namely that there was not the least default on your part, all 192of this is to be considered as having never happened. Let me be bold enough to assure you of the high regard and consideration in which Their High Mightinesses hold the United States of America, and of the special esteem with which I have the honor to be, sir, your most humble and most obedient servant

H Fagel.