Papers of John Adams, volume 17


From Thomas Jefferson

198 From Clement Cottrell Dormer, 22 June 1785 Dormer, Clement Cottrell Adams, John
From Clement Cottrell Dormer
Bemers Street Wednes: 22d: June 1785.

Mr: Cottrell presents his Compliments to Mr: Adams, and informs Him, that there is no Ceremonial attending the Presentation of the Ladies of Foreign Ministers, except an Ambassadress, who has Private Audience of their Majesties attended by the Mr: of the Ceremonies—

Mrs: and Miss Adams will be Presented in the Circle, in the same manner as all other Ladies—to the King by the Lord in Waiting; to the Queen by the Lady of the Bed Chamber—and any Lady of Mrs: Adams’s acquaintance, who may go with Her to Court, will give in the Manner of Mrs: & Miss Adams as above—

Mr: Cottrell is to attend Count Woronzow1 to his Audience of the Queen before the Drawing room, which Audience over, he will be in the Drawing room, and shall be very happy to be of any Service to Mrs: & Miss Adams—2

RC (Adams Papers).


Count Semon Romanovich Vorontsov, the new Russian minister to Great Britain, presented his credentials on 15 June and would serve until April 1806 ( Repertorium , 3:355). In his Diary JA indicates that he paid a visit to Vorontsov, which was returned (JA, D&A , 3:179).


On 23 June 1785, at the queen’s drawing room, AA and AA2 were presented to Queen Charlotte, King George III, the Princess Royal Charlotte, and Princess Augusta. For AA’s account of her preparations for the occasion and the four-hour event itself, at which she was also introduced to the Marquis of Carmarthen and Dormer, see AFC , 6:188–190, 192.