Papers of John Adams, volume 17

From Thomas Jefferson, 19 September 1785 Jefferson, Thomas Adams, John
From Thomas Jefferson
Sep. 19. 1785. Paris.

{Lambe} is {arrived. he brings new full powers} to {us} from {Congress} to {appoint persons} to {negotiate with} the {Barbary 464states,} but {we} are to {sign} the {treaties. Lambe has} not {even} a {recommendation} from {them} to {us.} but it seems clear that {he would} be {approved} by {them. I told him} of {mr̃ Barclay’s appointment} to {Marocco} & {proposed Algiers} to {him. he agrees.} a {small alteration} in the {form} of {our dispatches} will be {necessary,} and of {course} another {courier shall} be {dispatched} to {you} on the {return} of {Colo. Franks,} for {your pleasure herein.}1

RC (Adams Papers); endorsed: “Mr Jefferson sept 19 / 1785.” Tr of decoded document in CFA’s hand (Adams Papers). Encoded text has been supplied from Jefferson’s Dft (DLC: Jefferson Papers).


For the effect of John Lamb’s belated arrival on the commissioners’ efforts to open negotiations with the Barbary States, see Barbary Negotiations, 12 Sept. – 11 Oct., Editorial Note, above. David Franks returned to London on 1 Oct. with Jefferson’s revised documents for the negotiations (to Jefferson, 2 Oct., below).