Papers of John Adams, volume 18

From Ezra Stiles

To Thomas Jefferson

Prices of Goods in Mogadore in June 1786.—
Wheat 5 to 6 ounces the Sae— Duty one Spanish milled Dollar and 1 Barbary ounce per fanega
Olive Oil 34 Ounces per quintal— Duty 2 Dollars 1 Ounce per quintal
Wool—5 Ducats per Quintal Duty 2 Dollars—
Elephant’s teeth 30 Ducats per Do: Do: 4— Do:
Bees wax—27 Ducats the great quintl: of 150 pounds— Do: 15 Do:
Gum Arabic—10 Ducats— Do: 2— Do:—& one ounce
—— Senegal 14 Do: Do: the Same
—— Sandrach 6 ½ do: Do: the Same
Copper in Blocks 11 Do: 5 Dollars—
Shelled Almonds 6 Do: 1 Do: & one ounce
Mules for Exportation 30 to 35 Do: 10 Dollars—
Red Morocco Skins as in quality, (about 10 Ounces per Skin) Duty free—


The Gold Ducat 16 Ounces—value nearly 7/8 Sterg.

Silver Do:— 10 Do:— 4/9 ½ do:

The ounce of 4 Blanquils—a Silver coin worth nearly 5 ¾d do:

The Blanquil of 24 Fluces—do:— value about 1 ½d: do:

The fluce a Copper coin value about ¼ of a farthing Sterg.

Note when the Ducat is mention’d in the prices of Goods the Silver Ducat is understood.—


1 ¼ Mexican Dollars make one ounce

16 ounces or 20 Dollars—a pound

100 Pounds or 2000 Dollars the Small quintal

15 Pounds or 3000 Do: the great Do:


The Coudre or Cala 2 ¼ of which make a french Aun, or 1 ¾ an English Ell nearly— Measures for Liquids—none—