Papers of John Adams, volume 18

The American Commissioners to Thomas Barclay

To the Board of Treasury

The American Commissioners’ Provisional Ratification of the Moroccan-American Treaty, [1–25 January 1787] Adams, John
The American Commissioners’ Provisional Ratification of the Moroccan-American Treaty
[ 1–25 January 1787 ]1

Now know Ye that We the said John Adams & Thomas Jefferson Ministers Plenipotentiary aforesaid do approve & conclude the said Treaty and every Article and Clause therein contained, reserving the same nevertheless to the United States in Congress assembled for their final Ratification.

In testimony whereof we have signed the same with our Names and Seals, at the Places of our respective residence and at the dates expressed under our signatures respectively.—

John Adams. [SEAL] London January 25. 1787. 2 Th: Jefferson [SEAL] Paris January 1. 1787. 3

MS (PCC, No. 91, I, f. 229).


Thomas Jefferson drafted the ratification, and fair copies were enclosed with his 20 Dec. 1786 letter to JA , above. Signed by JA, they were returned with his 25 Jan. 1787 letter to Jefferson, above. Copies of the ratification were then enclosed in the commissioners’ 27 Jan. letter to John Jay, below, and, together with the commissioners’ [27 Jan.] letter to Sidi Haj Tahar Ben Abdulhaq Fennish, also below, in Jefferson’s 18 Feb. letter to William Carmichael, but see also his letter of that date to Thomas Barclay (Jefferson, Papers , 11:163–165).


In JA’s hand.


In Jefferson’s hand.