Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

January. 1820. Saturday. 1. VIII. Washington.

3. IX.

2 2. VIII. CFA


2. VIII.

Arise, go to Church. Mr. Brown,1 Deuteronomy, Chap. 23d. Afternoon, Shakespear’s Comedies.2


Obadiah B. Brown (1779–1852), minister of the First Baptist Church in Washington and sometime Chaplain to Congress (Sprague, Annals Amer. Pulpit , 6:538–539; JQA, Diary, 1 Jan. 1820).


CFA’s own set of William Shakespeare’s Dramatic Works, 12 vols., London, 1820, is in the Stone Library at the Adams National Historical Site in Quincy, as are six other copies of Shakespeare’s plays. Miscellaneous volumes of three editions of the dramatist’s Works are among JA’s books in the Boston Public Library ( Catalogue of JA’s Library , p. 226).