Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

15. VIII:40.

Journal. December. 1823.

9 [Titlepage] CFA

[Titlepage] CFA
Journal of a Vacation spent in Washington in the Winter of my Junior Year, from December 22d. 1823 to February 20th. 1824. Volume First. In two volumes. Cambridge. March. 1824.1 1.

Titlepage for D/CFA/2, commenced in Cambridge during the writer’s junior year at Harvard. (For a full description of the Diaries see the Introduction.) The brief “Index” entries in D/CFA/1 that overlap those in this “Journal of a Vacation” have not been included in the present text, though they have been used in verifying names and the like. They add little more to the fuller record except the hour of CFA’s rising while in Washington (commonly 9 a.m., though often later).