Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1



20th. CFA


20th. CFA

For the last twelve miles to Hartford we travelled over the ground which was some obstacle to our course otherwise we should have come in uncommonly early. We walked over Hartford bridge to ease the horses but very much to my own inconvenience. We breakfasted at Hartford and remained an hour for the preparation of the Mail. After which we again went on, Sheaff being still with us. Our present company was not so amusing as usual. A man by the name, (as I afterwards ascertained) of Lewis sat on the middle seat, who appeared to have been a sea officer, and on the back seat a land surveyer with another man to whom the former appeared to be pointing out fine country seats on the river. He appeared also to be somewhat interested in the canalling volume between Hartford and New Haven. At Middlebury a Lady and a Sea Captain got in. The characters were not remarkable and we proceeded, a sleeping community.

At New Haven we dined and left a number of our passengers. Among others, Sheaff. He pressed me much to stay and offered to show me every thing and make my time pass agreably but as I was in a great hurry to get home to Christmas, I declined. So, on I went. Lewis continued and a Midshipman got in. The Captain remained also, with some others. And to fill the stage we took in a Calvinist Minister.