Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1



24 Monday 29th. CFA


Monday 29th. CFA
Monday 29th.

I spent this day at home also and repeated my Medicine. The Morning was employed in my usual studies and the Afternoon in the parlour talking politics with Johnson. I also took a short walk with him. A person cannot help having his attention drawn to politics if he comes here, there is so much conversation and rumour of intrigue afloat. Now one man gains the ascendancy now another and some men are glad that Mr. Crawford is sick.1 This is not generally the case however. My father appears to bear all this with a good deal of equanimity although ambition will sometimes have it’s way.

John after dinner, became as usual very dull and petitioned for tea and to go to bed. Which was granted to him, and he retired very much as usual. Johnson and myself sat up somewhat later talking and then departed also.


William Harris Crawford (1772–1834), of Georgia, Secretary of the Treasury in President Monroe’s cabinet, was a leading candidate for the Presidency. He had suffered a paralytic stroke in September 1823 which reduced his chances but did not cut off his hopes for the office ( DAB ).