Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1


Journal. January. 1824. Thursday. 1st.

25 Wednesday. 31st. CFA


Wednesday. 31st. CFA
Wednesday. 31st.

Performed my usual duties this morning, after which I took a walk with Johnson and John to Mr. Force’s in order to subscribe to a paper for George. It has been set up here for political purposes and as he is pleased to come out strongly in favour of Monsieur, it is as well as not that the family should patronize him. He has accordingly obtained at least two dozen subscribers from persons who are connected with us alone, and he says that he has no reason to complain of want of encouragement. It appears to have had considerable effect on the popular feeling and has taken a pretty high rank as a paper already. It is said that some of Congress have it’s direction.1

After dinner, Mr. Petry came in and played Boston2 with my father. John ran away and I took his place, although it is some years since I practised the game. Consequently I lost.


Peter Force (1790–1868), best remembered as editor of the American Archives, in 1823 established the National Journal as a semi-weekly to support JQA’s candidacy. In 1824 he bought the Washington Republican and turned his paper into a daily in order to compete with the National Intelligencer. See DAB and entry for 17 July 1824, below.


A card game for four players, requiring two decks of cards, in which the terms used refer to the siege of Boston, 1775–1776.