Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

Saturday 10th.

Monday. 12th.

11th. CFA


11th. CFA

Again this day was spent without going near to a Church making the fourth Sunday since I have been to divine service a matter which I am beginning to be quite ashamed of. I took a walk with Johnson up to the Capitol and back1 and spent the rest of my day in something of a lounge. Ennui came very near seizing upon me, as I am totally unable to prosecute my inquiries with any sort of diligence. Monsieur is in possession of John’s room, and although Madame has again moved into her own by which means we have a temporary possession of that room it is so cold and uncomfortable that I can do nothing. We still eat in Madame’s dressing room as the lower rooms have not yet been touched. We spent the Evening in a very dull manner, as 40Miss Cranch sat mum and we had all long ago exhausted our stories, so John asked for tea and went to bed.


The boys discussed the “usual topic,” undoubtedly politics (D/CFA/1).