Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

Saturday. 7th.

Monday 9th.

Sunday 8th. CFA


Sunday 8th. CFA
Sunday 8th.

Did not attend Church today, but on account of the loveliness of the day I was obliged to go and take a walk, so Johnson and myself went as far as the College. The air was delightful, being mild as spring and made me feel more sensibly what I was about to lose. In fact the winter generally has been the pleasantest, in respect to weather that I have ever had the fortune to enjoy, as heat to me is second life. It appears to me from my nature and temper that I was made for the South, and people never made such a mistake in the world as when they judge me cold or naturally grave. At home we were extremely dull, Madame being still in her room although better, John writing letters and Johnson’s politics not sufficiently good looking to make him in a better humour than he commonly is. He is also somewhat depressed by his sickness.