Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

14. VIII.

April 1824. Thursday. 1. VII:10.

15. VI. CFA


15. VI. CFA
15. VI.

Prayers, recitation, Enfield, Spanish, Tacitus,1 Lectures, Mr. Willard, Mr. Farrar, Electricity, evening at my room, Cards and Wine.


CFA’s two Latin copies of the Opera of Tacitus, published in Antwerp in 1668 and in London in 1817, 3 vols., are in the Stone Library, along with his copy of an English translation of the Annals and History, London, 1698. JQA’s many editions of Tacitus are in the Stone Library and in the Boston Athenseum. See Catalogue of JQA’s Books , p. 126–127. For JA’s copies of Tacitus in the Boston Public Library, see Catalogue of JA’s Library , p. 240–241.