Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

Monday. May 31st. IX.

Tuesday. June. 1st. IX.

Review of the Month of May. 1824. CFA

Review of the Month of May. 1824. CFA
Review of the Month of May. 1824.

On reexamining attentively and impartially my Journal for the preceding Month and comparing it with the plans with which I had started, I have come to the decision that the perusal is honourable to myself, for that every duty was performed strictly and critically 166according to my promise. I have still somewhat to answer for. On the subject of reading, I have finished Mosheim, Moliere and have regularly continued the English Poets. My remarks have generally been such as I presumed they would except that there is a slight falling off in the latter criticisms on the Poets. I have not done much in the vacation but this may be attributed to my feelings of exhaustion and the actual want of relaxation on my part. My delineation of character has been carried on as intended except that my intention is to develop it rather incidentally than elaborately. This plan will ensure more correctness in my inferences or at least will better allow me to correct mistakes on revision as I shall know the motives which influenced me in drawing them. Hitherto I can only say I have done pretty well. My own conduct has been moderately correct. I have been angry once for which I was sorry. I have been unduly exhilarated once which I have bitterly suffered for—further I am conscious of no guilt. My lectures have been regularly attended and my notes to them are entirely satisfactory to my recollection. On the whole, I have done as well as could be expected, and while I am the more strongly incited to persevere in my present plan and hereafter mend my former faults, I shall not regret a frequent reperusal of the past.