Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

2. VIII.

4. IX.

3. VIII:35. CFA


3. VIII:35. CFA
3. VIII:35.

Arise, morning at home, Hoffman’s Introductory Lecture,1 dull, billiards, large dinner, Civil Officers, Huger,2 very dull, evening at home.


CFA’s copy of David Hoffman’s A Lecture, Introductory to a Course of Lectures, Now Delivering in the University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1823, is in the Boston Athenaeum.

Like his brother JA2 before him, CFA was embarking on the study of law under his father’s tutelage.


Benjamin Huger (1805–1877), of South Carolina, who had just graduated from West Point and was beginning his long military career with the rank of second lieutenant of artillery ( DAB ).