Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

28. VIII.

30. VII:15.

29. VII. CFA


29. VII. CFA
29. VII.

Arise, Genl. La Fayette to Wood Lawn,1 Robertson’s Charles the fifth,2 at home all day, evening, ride and billiards with the ladies.


A section of George Washington’s original Mount Vernon estate, at this time the home of Col. Lawrence Lewis, who had married Eleanor Parke Custis, Washington’s niece (Auguste Levasseur, Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825, Phila., 1829, 2:11; Washington, Writings, ed. Fitzpatrick, 37:63).


There are three sets of William Robertson’s History of the Reign of Charles V in the Stone Library, the earliest published in Basel in 1793, 4 vols. A London edition, 4 vols., 1777, is among JA’s books in the Boston Public Library. See Catalogue of JA’s Library , p. 214.